Parish Town Map


The town of Parish was first settled in 1803 and was named upon its March 20, 1828 founding for David Parish, the town’s earliest landowner of note. The village of Parish, in the heart of the township, has a long history of family-run businesses. The Harters, Fullers, and Millers have each been part of the village’s development. The shady streets and sturdy homes of the early residents have stood the test of time and mark the street still with their historical appearances. Early benefactors of the town were the Mills and Petrie families, who have left a legacy of public buildings for to the town. The town sent a large number of its sons to defend the Union during the Civil War, and notably, $9,000 was raised in bounty by the town to assist in the cause.

Town Historian
M. Bridget Swartz
2984 W. Main St.
P.O. Box 195
Parish NY 13131

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